Summer stock wrap up

As the end of July draws near, so to does my own little version of summer stock. Sound of Music has opened and closed. The props have been safely bubble wrapped and loaded into shipping containers for their journey to Jordon. New Phoenix design has been approved, set construction underway next month. And I just finished up this little guy, Clyboure Park, for Road Less Travelled in October.

It’s been a busy two months of long to-do lists, happily completed and successful. August sunshine across the country.




The hills [of Lewiston] are alive, with The Sound of Music. .

Summer [stock] is in full swing up here along the Niagara gorge and we are full swing into Sixteen, Going on Seventeen hours of tech. Halfway thru and all I can simply remember are A Few of my Favorite [spot cues] Things. We’re going to Climb Every Mountain to opening night on Thursday.

Tools of the [model box] trade

Where has a month gone? Mr & Mrs Nobody enjoyed a wonderful opening, I began another semester of teaching, I did the lighting design at the wedding of some dear friends, I stage managed a music festival in the woods, and today was the first production meeting for A Couple of Blaguards at Irish Classical Theatre.

Earlier this week, in preparation for white model building at the end of this week, I broke out the old Exacto blade and Tacky glue for some foam core mutilation. Add a cutting mat, my best no slip cutting ruler, a black Mirado warrior and some straight pins. Two hours later, one model box.