Drawing by the Scalerule

Initial design ideas for RLTP’s Water by the Spoonful are underway. Inspired by the minimalist work of Appia and Meilziner, and the geometry of modern architectural gardens, I’m exploring the worlds of evocative spaces that serve multi-functions. All amidst a contemplative week of death and birth(days). Enjoying the quiet of woods, despite the frigid cold,Continue reading “Drawing by the Scalerule”

It’s a trap

Tech weekend for Deathtrap is winding down this evening. Last for the night: first time actors will use blood in fight call. Set Designer concerns: blood on the carpet. Thunder, lightning, fire and brimstone. Ok, maybe not the brimstone, but weapons. A lot of weapons. And books. There’s never enough books. If you put twoContinue reading “It’s a trap”

Research and Reading

I’m currently in process for Mary Poppins, as props coordinator/designer, and for Deathtrap, as scenic designer. In the research phase for both productions, I’m reading and scouring. I’m reading a book about research. And I’m reading for the joy of reading. Semester obligations complete, it’s a summer ahead of books and more books. With aContinue reading “Research and Reading”

Design is fashion is theatre is design.

School’s out for summer. It’s hard not to run Alice Cooper on repeat in my brain. Another semester down of teaching aspiring college minds my love of design. Theatre design. Production design. Graphic design. Art design. Design design. I also had a guest spot in helping another college roll out their end of semester celebrationsContinue reading “Design is fashion is theatre is design.”

What color is your liquor, part 2

Faux prop whiskey, round 2. The first batch of faux whiskey was looking rather green under the stage lights, so I’ve mixed up a new recipe using burnt sugar as the base. The actor drinking the concoction on stage is open to trying the sweet water, so I got to cooking. I used Eric HartContinue reading “What color is your liquor, part 2”

Mirado Black Warrior, back in hand

Following a holiday season of travel, family, friends, and love, I’m back in the proverbial studio with sketches, research and bash models compiling for An Illiad with RLTP. Mirado Black Warrior back in hand. Trusty scale rule at its side. Formal model and ground plan drafting commences tomorrow.