UB Design/Tech program is named as one of top 30 in the country, via onstageblog.com

As I start off the academic year in my sixth year as the Director of Design/Tech, I’m proud of the recognition from onstageblog. Myself and the faculty/staff in UBTHD are forever striving to build and strengthen the Design/Tech program. https://www.onstageblog.com/editorals/2019/9/19/the-top-30-college-theatre-design-and-tech-programs-for-2019-2020

Storehouse: beautifully grotesque

Last weekend, in between paint calls and prepping for a new semester of teaching, I was able to tour Storehouse, presented by Torn Space. Billed as a site-specific spectacle, it did not disappoint as an immersive theatrical experience. Guided through what felt like post-apocalyptic vignettes in an abandoned factory, and dilapidated rooms transformed into poeticContinue reading “Storehouse: beautifully grotesque”

Design is fashion is theatre is design.

School’s out for summer. It’s hard not to run Alice Cooper on repeat in my brain. Another semester down of teaching aspiring college minds my love of design. Theatre design. Production design. Graphic design. Art design. Design design. I also had a guest spot in helping another college roll out their end of semester celebrationsContinue reading “Design is fashion is theatre is design.”