Digital transformation, coming soon. 

So much for more regular updates. I started another blog via Tumblr (here) in order to connect online with students via one of my seminar courses. It has been more of a focus the last couple months once the semester began. I’m also in process of reorganizing my online portfolio, potentially transferring to this portal.Continue reading “Digital transformation, coming soon. “

Drawing by the Scalerule

Initial design ideas for RLTP’s Water by the Spoonful are underway. Inspired by the minimalist work of Appia and Meilziner, and the geometry of modern architectural gardens, I’m exploring the worlds of evocative spaces that serve multi-functions. All amidst a contemplative week of death and birth(days). Enjoying the quiet of woods, despite the frigid cold,Continue reading “Drawing by the Scalerule”

Nut cracking, 6.0

Caught up in one last show, for the sixth time around, kicking off the holiday season and kicking the door closed on another semester. Cracking nuts and cracking the whip. Final projects graded. Final grades projected. Nutcracker. Friends and Family. December’s ending. Winter’s beginning. Winter solstice weekend. Sun, Snow, and Salsa.

It’s a trap

Tech weekend for Deathtrap is winding down this evening. Last for the night: first time actors will use blood in fight call. Set Designer concerns: blood on the carpet. Thunder, lightning, fire and brimstone. Ok, maybe not the brimstone, but weapons. A lot of weapons. And books. There’s never enough books. If you put twoContinue reading “It’s a trap”

Storehouse: beautifully grotesque

Last weekend, in between paint calls and prepping for a new semester of teaching, I was able to tour Storehouse, presented by Torn Space. Billed as a site-specific spectacle, it did not disappoint as an immersive theatrical experience. Guided through what felt like post-apocalyptic vignettes in an abandoned factory, and dilapidated rooms transformed into poeticContinue reading “Storehouse: beautifully grotesque”