Power & Poetry

I am involved in a joint research venture with several colleagues. This weekend we had a gallery presentation of some of our individual work. My contribution was a light and materials site-specific sculpture that was built and displayed in the front gallery window. The projection behind the sculpture was designed by Chantal Calato. The entire gallery exhibit had a sense of duality and melding of imagery between individual pieces. It was serendipitous that our pieces collided. My artistic statement is below:

Niagara Falls have long been a source of inspiration. They are an impressive power and have been a source of power. The amount of water that tumbles over the precipice is staggering. The thickness and texture of the water at this point are qualities that are continually intriguing.

At the base of the Horseshoe Falls stands the Ontario Power Plant building, once the harnesser of hydroelectric power for the region. Now inoperable and abandoned, it is a hulking reminder of time forgotten.

Through site observation and history past, “Power & Poetry” seeks to capture these inspirations.





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