Charming cottages & Epic trees

One week, eight paint calls.

I was hired as the Scenic Artist for the production of Giselle with Neglia Ballet Artists that I was also the lighting designer for. Our paint space was in a converted barn in the rolling hills of Boston, NY. Less picturesque on some of these frigid days we’ve been having, when the start of your paint call involves thawing out glazes with a propane heater, but somehow we still managed to churn out some charming cottages. A less publicized skill of any scenic artist is the ability to paint ambidextrously, brush on a stick in each hand for a fast paced scumble, while a colleague follows with a double-handed sponge blend. Epic evocative trees.

In the same week, I had to finish the new logo for the Red Blazer Men’s Chorus. Less freezing paint, more coats of bright red.

And on top of all this I supervised two student paint calls, taught classes, and organized all my lighting paperwork before heading into tech and show this past week (more on Giselle in my next post).

It was a great way to kick off April. No joke.




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