Sunshine, sun bright

So inspiring is the green outdoors. Finally the weather has broken to allow another season of beautiful sunshine. A week on the road spent caring for my grandmother, tending to some dancers and spending time with family still allowed for a couple of wanderings into the woods to commune with the trees, find a miniContinue reading “Sunshine, sun bright”

Inspired travel

I just returned home from an almost two-week jaunt to the south and the mid-west. Occasionally I freelance with an AV production company; last week’s trip to the South was for a US Chambers Convention in Orlando. Almost all of my five days was spent setting up lighting in one of several ballrooms. Following strikeContinue reading “Inspired travel”

NYC in grayscale

Before the rush of the holiday season, I took the train down to NYC with some family. Our mission was to fulfill my grandmother’s wish to see a show at the Metropolitan Opera. We succeeded with flying colors, the production of Aida was stunning. A bit of downtime allowed me a visit to the Guggenheim,Continue reading “NYC in grayscale”

Sunset inspiration

I have been thinking a lot lately about a quote from Linda Essig: “Your life outside the theatre is more important than your life inside the theatre.” I have taken that as a reminder to always enjoy every experience to its fullest extent. I love the work I do inside the theatre. Yes, it’s anContinue reading “Sunset inspiration”